The Eternal WarEdit

The Eternal War (also known as The Seventeen Hundred Years War) is an on-going global thermonuclear conflict between the American, Celtic and Norse Civilizations. It is most well-known for its large-scale effects on politics, economics, demographics and the environment, and its total transformation of the planetary land surface. The war has also led to devastating social and cultural effects on the world's population.

The BeginningEdit

There are close to no records on how The Eternal War, beginning near the end of the 23rd Century, started, but what can be known is that all three superpowers were drawn into the conflict within an extremely short time. Additionally, by the time the war began, all other rival civilisations had already been assimilated into the superpowers, with the exception of the Sioux.

Early HistoryEdit

Within the first ten years of the cataclysmic war, 90% of the human population(numbering 253 million before the war) was killed, either on the front, nuclear deployment in population centres like cities, or the ensuing fallout.

Later HistoryEdit


Casualities are impossible to accurately estimate. but are considered to be at least a 90 % decrease in world population in the first years of the War alone, from 253 million to 20-25 million, according to surviving records from the 23rd Century. Since then, the population growth has stagnated at the latter number. The few scientists remaining estimate, given the increased birthrate (hovering around 3 children per woman, due to most women first giving birth very early, and many women dying at childbirth, radioactive waste, and so on) that casualties annually hover around 800.000 soldiers, or about 3 % of the world population. Multiplying that number by 1690 (the first ten years of the War discounted, as they were the cataclysmic years that led to the 90 % decrease) means that a total of 1352 million people have perished during the time. Adding 234 million from the first ten years gives a estimate of 1586 million, or 1.586 billion, casualities since the start of the war in 2291.